About Me

[Message from the author: are you, dear reader, looking for someone with Python, C, Go, Linux, DevOps expertise? Look no further! I am always looking for new remote work opportunities and part-time freelancing gigs. If you are interested, contact me: giedriuswork (at) gmail (dot) com]

Hello, I’m Giedrius Statkevičius. Welcome to my page. Let me introduce myself.
I have a Bachelor Degree in Software Systems from Kaunas University of Technology. While I was still at school, I attended the Olympiad of Informatics so I have deep knowledge about classic computer science algorithms and their application.
My main interest is in Linux and low-level software development. I love to make maintainable software that is reliable and useful. Professional software development experience includes making core software for routers, cameras, and developing automation software for seamless deployment plus administering servers and networks.
My hobbies are running, reading books, listening to new music, travelling around the world. I am always open to offers. Please contact me on either Twitter (@stag1e) or GitHub (@GiedriusS). I hope you will enjoy your stay here.